Wander Botanical Gardens: West Palm Beach

My love of finding hidden gems knows no bounds. Granted, a botanical garden may not be considered a hidden gem to some, but finding it was like searching for the secret garden. Once you’re wandering inside, there are more gems to be found.

Mounts Botanical Garden is hidden around a highway. When we arrived, we were ready to charge in, but went inside to gather some information. The gardens are free, but a donation is much appreciated. While in the information house, literally, a house, we were informed that exploring the gardens could take about an hour. Who knew?! I’m going to cut this short, but share little snippets of information throughout this gallery post. Hopefully it inspires you to get your wanderlust on and find hidden gems. Enjoy!

The herb garden shares a variety of herbs: for cooking, for wellness/medicinal, for tea, and more! You are able to pick and smell the various herbs they have. I couldn’t get my travel partner out of that section. It smelled amazing and is a house gardens dream.

Tea time, anyone? I would love to have brunch out here, or bring a good book and tea. Granted, I don’t care to get a tan, it would just be a great way to wake up in the morning. Don’t tell me you don’t agree.

Butterfly Garden! Who knew those existed. Below is a video of us chasing a butterfly. Mom tried to get a photo of one but they wouldn’t sit still.

Wander Botanical Gardens: West Palm Beach

By far, one of my favorite explorations while in West Palm Beach and I cannot recommend it enough. I wandered without even realizing just how hot it was. That made it even better. Get your wanderlust on anywhere and everywhere you travel!


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