Holiday Glitter Spa Night In with Dashing Diva

To ring in the holiday season and December, I decided to add a little sparkle, or rather, glitter, to my life to brighten it up and show how I really feel about the holidays.

As many of you know it’s been a rough time, health wise. I’m happy to share more of that if you’d like to hear. But I wanted a day of fun and that feeling when you’ve left a spa and got pampered and your nails done. So it called for a girls night in. Fitted with a hot lavender epsom salt bath, candles, movies and stick on gel nails that require absolutely no dry time and doesn’t involve your wallet feeling lighter when you’re done!

I’ve never been big on glitter polish. I’ve tried it a few times, but never died over it with excitement. Imagine my surprise when I decide to try the Dashing Diva glitter nail set, and instead of using the colored nails front that set, I mixed in MORE GLITTER from the previous navy set [I’ll be sharing a separate post with that set]! I don’t know what came over me, but I was loving it! I love the marble scheme and the complementing glitter set. I also REALLY love how the marble and the mixed in glitter set I added didn’t cover my entire nail. It added something different and fun – which was exactly what I needed!

During my excited collaboration with Dashing Divas I was able to try on their stick on gloss gel nail set for a second time and loved it even more than the first time. I kept them on through thanksgiving and the first of December with absolutely no problems! The previous set (I’ll share in a separate post!) I kept on for 12 days and this set I kept on for the full 14 days. The marble set did start to peel a little bit the glitter sets (both sets) didn’t peel at all! In fact, it seemed like they didn’t want to come off and I was hesitant to take them off because they still looked fresh for the holiday season! You can get a discount using my code: JANIEMARSAN.

My cousin tried the press on Dashing Diva nails for a holiday trip she was taking. You can get this Magic Press set “The Starlight” for under $10 (no jokes!) AND you can get a discount using my code: JANIEMARSAN.

After a while, long nails start bothering me – basically when I start accidentally scratching myself and can’t successfully take out my contacts. So here’s the shorter version of my Dashing Divas stick on gloss gel nails! You can get this Gloss Get Nail Strip set “A La Mode” for under $10 (again no joke!) from Dashing Diva.

Ps: I was worried that by filing and smoothing my nails after having the stick ons for well over a week, would cause them to peel and come off. I was wrong!


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