Feeling Fancy Friday: DC Photoshoot

One of my favorite parts of my stay in Washington DC was spending time with my blogger besties and doing this photoshoot with one of them. As if she wasn’t talented enough, Shell, from A Courageous Beauty, is very serious about her photography, but also so fun to work with. When I told her I was making an unexpected visit, she asked if we could have a photoshoot, like I would say no to anything fun with her! I was staying at Hotel Hive in DC which was perfect because we did the shoot at the Lincoln Memorial, which was just down the street!

How beautiful is a sunset shoot, in DC, with your bestie where you just laugh the entire time! If you’re in the area and need a beautiful spot to do photos, I highly recommend Lincoln Memorial or the National Mall area. You don’t stand out like a sore thumb because everyone else is doing the same thing, having their own mini shoots. But it’s also just scenic…and free, which I am all about! I’ll let Shell’s talent speak for itself…

I will happily admit that I was feeling fancy and very much sassy. Granted that is nothing new, but it was my first blogger shoot in DC in quite some time, and I was feeling pretty ‘darn’ fancy in this dress with its scandalous slit. Wouldn’t you?! I was trying to be fancy, but my fancy looks like I’m mugging someone with my facial expressions or trying very hard not to laugh. Regardless, I still felt fancy and was loving this photoshoot. I may have gotten some side looks from tourists, but my inner fancy self thought, ‘Yup, I look fancy. Thanks for looking.’ There’s no talking me down in my fancy self mode.

Now about this dress! You all know I’m a lover of sales. I got this dress in stores for $13 at Forever 21 the evening before leaving for my 10 day trip to Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. I wish this exact dress was still available online so I could share it with you all. However, there are summer sales happening that you should definitely take advantage of, not that I’m an enabler or anything. This is a great dress for those cool summer days, like this past week! The transition from summer to fall may officially be over, but there’s usually still a lot of humidity in D.C. I’d much rather wear an airy maxi dress with long sleeves for when the temperature goes down [*yay, cool summer nights*] than have to carry around a cardigan or jacket.

She know’s how to capture my ‘good’ moments.

What brings out your fancy, sassy mode?






    • Janie Marsan November 26, 2017 / 7:31 pm

      You’re the sweetest. It’s the best finding those surprise dresses that you can’t say no to.

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