Fall In Hygge with My Fall Self

My fall self is much more enthusiastic than my summer self. Having chronic pain illnesses that flare up in the cold and in dreary weather changes, people wonder why I love Fall so much when Fall doesn’t love me. I was curious about this hygge trend train that was strolling by a lot this past year. So I thought I’d research it for the Fall and see what the hype is all about.

I absolutely love fall for a million reasons. The weather in fall does not love me. But that’s the life of chronic pain. With weather changes and cold weather, comes more pain and discomfort. Luckily I get a good amount of days off during the fall and can dress in comfy style instead of business attire. Granted, I don’t wear business attire at work. So, yes to all the sweaters in the world, because that’s how many layers I truly wear. I run cold, so my space heater and I have a loving friendship; it doesn’t fail me and I don’t fail to use it.

Anyway, back to business. So I decided to hope on the train and get my hygge on – living simply, being mindful and living my best Fall. Get all the chunky blankets, candles and footie pajamas ready.

Here is just a sneak peak of the reasons why my fall self is pretty awesome:


Hallmark movies galore, really that’s all I need to say! However, it was Halloween time, and I recently shared my October-Halloween movie list. I binge watched the movies and series last month and had to share them!


Going to as many apple picking farms with the intention of picking apples to make pies but it never actually happens because I end up eating them all before the pie gets made. Whoopsies… The same could be said for pumpkin picking, which is also a tradition I forced upon my family for two years in a row. Instead of using the pumpkin for decor and actually learning how to carve a pumpkin, I just used it as decor, again. Again, whoopsies…


Pull out all the Fall candles. All the Fall scented candles in the world are lit almost every night in my apartment. My makeshift fireplace.


Drink all the tea in the world! Okay, not really but fine some yummy Fall teas to try. Be adventurous. Some teas will definitely surprise you. With the Teavanas in Massachusetts being closed, I’ve started going to David’s Tea and exploring a few others.


Now, I love boots and booties, we’ll talk about that in another post but right now I have to give praise to moccasins.


Sweater weather! Truth: Let’s not pretend that I don’t wear sweaters even when it’s not cold out. Now I can break out my soft and fuzzy goodies, especially my Lou & Grey sweaters! YAS!


New adventures. Whenever fall comes around I always feel the need to get out and wander. Explore different things and places.I learned that you don’t have to leave home to live hygge, but it’s my favorite season, so I couldn’t resist creating a Fall Wish List. I’ll be sharing my Fall Wish List in an upcoming post.

Overall, just taking care of yourself and enjoying the comforts the season brings is the message I received from my extensive hygge research. I am down for that all day every day, and think it’s important to remember, especially on those freezing cold nights. Solution: tea, candles, coziness and a series/movie marathon.

What would you add to your Fall in Hygge, must do list for next year?
Would you like to do a 7 Day Hygge Challenge for the Winter?

Wanderfully Yours,



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