Fall In Hygge with My Fall Self

My fall self is much more enthusiastic than my summer self. Having chronic pain illnesses that flare up in the cold and in dreary weather changes, people wonder why I…

Holiday Glitter Spa Night In with Dashing Diva

To ring in the holiday season and December, I decided to add a little sparkle, or rather, glitter, to my life to brighten it up and show how I really…

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Meet Janie

Hi there! My name is Janie and welcome to our inspiration blog where I share some charming style inspiration and some wanderlust journeys that I hope will inspire you to embark on some of your own. I say 'our inspiration blog' because it's not just about me. I hope to share inspiration and style ideas that'll get you as excited as I am!


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North Shore, MA

Fall Pumpkin Picking in New England

Looking for the pumpkin that will turn into a chariot and grab some dinner and wine for me so I can stay home in my comfies and watch some good…

Brooksby Farm, Peabody, MA

Fall Apple Picking in New England

Fall apple picking has become a new tradition for me. I don’t recall ever going as a child. When I moved back to the New England area last year, I…

Unique October | Halloween Flicks & Series List

You already know about some of these traditional (supposedly, family-friendly) Halloween flicks. Instead I’m sharing some that you may have forgotten – I know I did – that used to…

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Washington, D.C.

5 Personal Reminders on A Wintery Fall Thursday

So with today’s wintery fall weather, I changed the post I originally scheduled to share 5 quick personal reminders, to keep you warm on this windy ice cold day. Days…

Smile Fearlessly: Put Your Best Smile Forward

The best part of my days is finding a reason to smile or laugh. I used to be embarrassed of my smile and smiled as little as possible, even though…

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Wanderlust with Clean Skin: Garnier SkinActive

I’ve received a lot of questions about my skin care routine. Some think my makeup is on point in my posts, but I have a ‘secret’. I don’t wear makeup!…

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Introducing: Charming Wanderlust!

New Name! New Look! Hi beauties! I’m excited to share that I finally went with my gut and changed the blogs name. I was more than ready for a change…

Finally rebranded the blog! I'm excited to share that I finally went with my gut and changed the blogs name. I was more than ready for a change and a make over. Sharing, Charming Wanderlust!
Peabody Essex Museum, Salem

Blushing Birthday with Balloons!

Happy Birthday Week! It’s my birthday week and I saved these photos to share because who doesn’t love a room filled with pink balloons?! I don’t celebrate my birthday often.…

First Date: Me-Myself-and-I

Well beauties, the Feeling Fancy Friday series continues with my first ever date with me-myself-and-i experience. I’d never gone to a cafe or restaurant, ordered food and drinks and sat…