Wanderlust Guide: 5 Hours in Portland, Maine

Can you believe I was born and raised in New England but do not remember ever having visited Maine? One would think wandering through New England in 20-degree winter weather was insane. I would agreeย with that person, but it is also the perfect time to try new places. You also won’t have a waiting time because cold weather makes people impatient. Works beautifully for me! This past weekend I spent 5 cold hours in Portland, Maine with myย wonderful friend, wandering around the city. She and are such foodies, so I have to share a few places we went.

East Ender

We were craving French Fries, no surprise there. We ended up finding East Ender in Portland and when I saw that they made thrice-cooked fries, I was sold. Now, I know that Brunch typically involves eggs in some form, but we opted for burgers. Couldn’t pass up the chance to try bacon jam, and let me say this – DELICIOUS! The House Baked Burger, no cheese of course, with bacon jam and thrice-cooked fries is a must have! Even the pickle was delicious!

The Holy Donut

There’s no such thing as passing up dessert, so we went to The Holy Donut. Their donuts are made out of potatoes and are beyond delicious. We didn’t stop to eat them there as we were heading to another destination, but I saved them for when I got home. There are no photos, and therefore no evidence that they existed, but they were AMAZING! I decided to try at least two different flavored donuts from The Holy Donut each time I wander to Downtown Portland. This time I got the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and Cinnamon Sugar donuts. I wonder what I will get next time…but I know it’ll be DELICIOUS!


It was super windy and cold but we braved it for the sake of me seeing lighthouses for the first time. I know, I’m a terrible New Englander. I would highly recommend venturing to at least two lighthouses. It is well worth the muddy boots and the sniffles from the cold angry wind. It is also a great walk for after eating copious amounts of french fries and donuts. I have no doubt there are many more lighthouses to see in Portland, but we’ll save those for a day that’s a tad warmer. It’s a great reason to make more trips to Portland, and for the donuts!

Mini Portland, Maine Gallery

Those of you who are looking for another way to describe this maddening weather, Portland pretty much summed up our entire winter season beautifully.ย 

Wanderfully Yours,



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