Wanderlust Guide: French Quarter, New Orleans

New Orleans, French Quarter

You all voted and I am delivering! This wanderlust post is long overdue. My trip to New Orleans was in October, right after their heat wave of 100+ degrees. It was still very warm, but a great reason to wear spring/summer clothing. We were able to stay in a gorgeous Airbnb one street away from away from the French Quarter [close enough to Cafe du Monde for beignets]. The one we stayed at was extremely comfortable, affordable and conveniently located with the trolley behind us and just streets away from Esplanade Street and Canal Street. Tonight, I’m sharing a few places I ventured to, tips and many recommendations!


Beignet Diet

Be prepared to go on a beignet diet at Cafe du Monde. Seriously, they are ADDICTIVE! We also got to watch beignets being made. IF you are afraid that you will go through beignet withdrawal, the good news is that you can purchase beignet mixes to take home with you. I have absolutely no photos of the beignets because I was too busy eating them. Can you blame me?

Gumbo Galore

Cornet is another popular restaurant on Bourbon Street that well worth the wait! The seafood gumbo is just $9 and worth every bite. I wouldn’t judge you if you order two bowls. That’s all that needs to be said, let’s move onto more food – brunch!


The most delicious brunch spot we found was right around the corner of our AirBnb, The Ruby Slipper Cafe. Every month they have the most delicious special. They also have an app that you can download and put your name on the waiting list so you don’t have to wait outside of the restaurant. Caution: It is SUPER popular, so I highly recommend putting yourself on the waitlist as early in the AM as you can manage. This will allow you to wander around the French Quarter, or take your sweet and precious time getting ready for brunch. We did the latter…when on vacation, time does not exist, unless food is involved. The restaurant is very accommodating of allergies. Do NOT pass up the Shrimp Boogaloo Eggs Benedict.

Trolley Transportation

Not only was the trolley comfortable and airy, given the hot temperatures, but it was also conveniently located and passed by frequently. The best tip I found was that you can purchase your trolley tickets through the app. That’s more convenient and upgraded that public transportation in most places.



We’re typically not big on tours, however, when in Lousiana there are certain activities you can’t pass up. I found a super inexpensive and popular Swamp Tour – my travel partner insisted she needed to hold a baby gator. The Tour was just an uber ride away and there are a few yummy places to eat right nearby. I should mention that we bought the Groupons the morning of. We like to be spontaneous, which is code for, we wanted to see if we could break away from the beignets long enough to go.

The other tour we went on was the Cemetery Ghost Tour. I was not on board with this at all, but some of the historical facts I learned were so fun, I highly recommend doing this. The general public is not allowed to tour the cemetery. There is a bouncer located in the cemetery gates who will unhappily escort you from the premises if you enter/tour the cemetery without a certified tour guide.

Weird fact: Nicholas Cage has a tombstone in the shape of a pyramid. National Treasure anyone?! Apparently, he has had some financial issues and the tombstone is the only property he legally owns. That’s unfortunate.


Nightlife will vary depending on when you are there. Don’t worry. It’s Bourbon Street, there’s always something crazy happening. One of the best spots to people watch and safely check out the street activities is on the balcony of a restaurant. We frequently Cornet to consume more gumbo and beverages while openly people watching. There are a number of non-PG sights that take place, whether you want them to or not. However, there are also a number of parades that take place at night!

Disclaimer: I did not own a camera when I went on this trip. So all photos were taken with my iPhone.

I hope this guide of activities and food persuades you to go to New Orleans, asap! I am happy to share tips on how to make the trip affordable. Let me know if there’s anything you would like to see in future wanderlust guides! This guide is more foodie related. I couldn’t help it.

Wanderfully Yours,





    • Janie Marsan April 26, 2018 / 2:52 pm

      You should DEFINITELY go to New Orleans! You would love it. The foods are delicious. There’s so much history there, I know, personally, you’d love that! I plan to go again soon. Fall is the best time to go. Not as crowded and you miss the heatwave. I didn’t see one when I was based in Pensacola! Can’t believe I missed it!
      xoxo, Janie

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