Travel Deal Tuesday + Treat Yourself Tuesday

After Cyber Monday comes Travel Deal Tuesday!

Airfare deals have already kicked off, as of Black Friday, but reportedly the biggest travel deals are to come after Cyber Monday. If there are particular travel plans you have in mind for 2018 or even whats left of 2017, this is the best time to keep an eye out for them. In today’s post I am sharing a few wanderlust deals even I can’t say no to, and I hope they inspire you to treat yourself next year to a trip!

Here are just a few domestic and international airlines having special post-Thanksgiving travel deals:

Southwest, one of my favorite airlines for domestic flights, is having 3-day sale on winter flights ending on Nov. 30th. Denver [$155/one way] and Chicago [$88/one way]are two places on my travel wishlist. With these prices, it’s hard not to click ‘book’.

Jetblue is having a 2-day GO sale ending tomorrow, November 29th. Charleston, South Carolina is still on my list and for $389 for airfare and hotel. ….. Please excuse my silence while I book my travel to Charming Charleston.

Ryanair is my go-to form of travel when I’m in Europe to easily get around, apart from the train and Megabus. If you are going abroad in December and want to wander around, here’s your answer. Ryanair is extremely affordable and the prices make you want to book trips to places you’ve never heard of.

Now if you’re a wanderlust lover like I am, which I imagine you are (obviously!), then I would love to know the places that are on your wanderlust wish list for 2018, or even the rest of 2017!

Along with Travel Deal Tuesday, comes Treat Yourself Tuesday.

On a more personal note: A little while ago I shared a post about a few of the places I have traveled to and a few places I would like to travel to. As much as I love fashion and styling, I absolutely love traveling. Coming from a foreign background, traveling as a newborn and traveling abroad since I was 13. Needless to say, travel always has a big special place in my heart. After a year of great struggle, I’ve decided to make next year a better year, regardless of what obstacles are in store for me. So, I hope you all don’t mind if I take you on my new wanderlust journey after the New Year!

I hope this post inspires you to consider traveling. It doesn’t have to be far or across the pond. Wanderlust adventures can take place in your own state! I strongly believe that travel can be a great medicine! I hope you consider taking opportunities, like these great travel deals, to buy a ticket somewhere new.

Wanderfully Yours,



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