A Day at The Press Hotel in Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine is a must see when you’re visiting or living in the New England area. I was born and raised in New England and never once went to Portland! After my first visit there, I fell in love and knew I needed to go back. I did not have the best birthday experience last year, with a life changing event having occurred. So, I decided, to hell with remembering that one thing every year, I was going to pack up a bag and go somewhere. I knew about the Press Hotel collection, having admired it from afar, and decided to call out of work and book a night stay. My travel partner/instagram mom, was off of work, so I booked a room for the both of us. Best decision! We booked a bus ticket from South Station, Boston to Portland. Once we got to the hotel, I couldn’t stop staring at the amazing decor. There is history on every corner, on every table (literally!) and even on the walls!

The Press Hotel is a member of Marriott’s Autograph Collection. You better believe I will be visiting as many hotels in the Autograph Collection as possible. From the retro-art, newsletter and typewriter theme, the Press Hotel has something on every corner. They have a fun and artistic spin on the history of the Press Herald Building and Portland.

The location is perfect and in between two of my favorite places: The Holy Donut and East Ender.

The lobby lounge has Inkwell (appropriately named for the theme!) where you can get coffee and little bits of breakfast at the bar in the morning and cocktails in the evening.

On the other side of the lobby is Union Restaurant, a farm to table restaurant I am now obsessed with. They work with farms around the New England area and produce the BEST tasting food that’ll make you want to either steal their chef or move in! The best part is that it is not super expensive, and for the price you’re getting food that should really cost more, but I’m not complaining!

Seriously, don’t sit there and tell me that this doesn’t look delicious! It’s all farm-to-table and they can accommodate for your allergies. I avoid gluten and am allergic to dairy, and this was a dream breakfast to me. They also offer juices that we got to try

If you go into the ‘basement’/ground level of the hotel, you will see the typewriter display. The basement is where all of the photographers, reporters and editors put together their articles for distribution. I wasn’t kidding when I said there’s a little bit (or a lot!) of history throughout the entire hotel. I can’t wait to share inside of the hotel rooms and hallways! If you need a little inspiration, you are having writers block or need a fun, historical [and delicious] place to stay; I hope you’ll consider the Press Hotel. If the decor, history and food didn’t sway you, you’re not fun.

I’ll be sharing my stay inside the Press Hotel

and a quick itinerary of our day in Portland, Maine in my next two posts!


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