Washington, DC

Feeling Fancy Friday: DC Photoshoot

One of my favorite parts of my stay in Washington DC was spending time with my blogger besties and doing this photoshoot with one of them. As if she wasn’t…

Floral Print Summer

Hi Beauties! Since Summer decided to shine it’s little rays and raise the temperature today, I thought I would share two of my favorite floral summer maxi dresses, the first…

Meet Janie

Hi there! My name is Janie and welcome to our inspiration blog where I share some charming style inspiration and some wanderlust journeys that I hope will inspire you to embark on some of your own. I say 'our inspiration blog' because it's not just about me. I hope to share inspiration and style ideas that'll get you as excited as I am!


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a new journey and teasers*

Happy July, beauties! Are you dancing into summer like I am?! These past few months have been a rough journey, with more lows than highs. One of the highs has…