Sunday Sweater Weather

Does it really matter whether it is summer or fall? The weather does whatever it wants to do. Regardless, I will happily take advantage of any and all sales that occur during this uncertain weather period.

One of my favorite places to shop during or in preparation for sweater weather is LOFT. You all know how I feel about soft clothing. Soft and comfortable go hand-in-hand for me and I will happily splurge a little more to get those quality soft items *cough cough* LOFT!

If you’ve followed my instastories at the beginning of the month, you’ve seen how many times I’ve been to LOFT because of their great sales. I’ve shared a few of those special sales on my Shop My Fashion Favs page on the blog. I’ve updated that page with the new sale and added some new favorites. Today, I’m sharing the last LOFT sale of the month, so get your clicking ready!


If you love soft sweaters as much as I do, especially sweaters with pockets, this is definitely one you need to get your hands on! You can tie the belt in the front or if you like an open sweater, you can tie it in the back. I especially love wearing this solid sleeve-less sweater with a printed/patterned long sleeves underneath. This cardigan comes, not only in beige, but wine/burgundy and forest green; all fall colors!

This stripped top is an oldie but definitely a goodie from LOFT. For my love of stripes, and hopefully yours too, I’ve linked a few for you below!


Another softie but that’s no surprise, everything Lou & Grey produces is soft; and I mean EVERYTHING. That brand was made for me, and luckily you can shop Lou & Grey at LOFT. A great but deadly combination. Deadly to your bank account, credit card, LOFT store card, etc.; but great for your closet. We have our priorities in order. 😉

Psst: Today is the last day to take advantage of the 40% off everything sale at LOFT. There is no code needed to take advantage of this sale. I have shared other favorites on the Shop the Loft Sale page under Shop My Fashion Favorites! If you love sweater weather as much as I do, I hope you find some that you love in the Loft sale!

As always, Wanderfully Yours,




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