Smile Fearlessly: Put Your Best Smile Forward

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The best part of my days is finding a reason to smile or laugh. I used to be embarrassed of my smile and smiled as little as possible, even though I’m pretty hilarious. That changed as my confidence changed and my priority to ensure that I’d have a healthy smile, giving me another reason to smile each day. I was very excited when Smile Brilliant reaches out for me to try their NEW electric toothbrush.

Now I’ll be honest, I’ve gone between a regular (manual) toothbrush, and my Panasonic electric toothbrush. However, sometimes I experience gum sensitivity or would like to go longer than a few days without having to charge the toothbrush, especially when I travel and may have forgotten my charger.

The cariPRO ultrasonic electric toothbrush helps in each of those areas. It has 5 modes, modes I didn’t even know existed: Clean, White, Massage, Gum Care and Sensitive. I didn’t even know modes existed. Occasionally dealing with teeth sensitivity as well, I’m partial to the Massage and Sensitive modes. I also like that each brushing mode is designed to operate for two minutes and pauses to alert you to switch the side you’re brushes every 30 seconds.

Now, let’s talk about the appearance of this sleek toothbrush. Honestly, for me, presentation takes the cake and this toothbrush took the cake! It has a matte feel. I love the dark black and silver color.

You all know I love good quality items that are also affordable. This toothbrush fits both requirements. At the cost of $119 for the Ultrasonic toothbrush, 2 replacement heads and a wireless charging dock (which is amazing!) with a 2 year limited warranty, I’d jump on this real quick especially with a discount! Now, let’s talk about this GIVEAWAY that you need to enter into so you can love this toothbrush as much as I do. The giveaway is a $119 credit – a free individual toothbrush package!

I’ve found that since trying the ultrasonic toothbrush, I actually want to take the time to brush my teeth twice a day, rather than quickly brushing in the AM and PM, so I can get back to my day. It made me want to take even more care of my dental hygiene even though I avoid the dentist like nobody’s business, and I know for certain I am not the only one! My advice would be to try this new system ASAP and see for yourself how this will alter your morning and nightly routine.

Oh wait, did I mention you can get a discount [using this coupon code: charmingwanderlust20]AND that I’m hosting another Smile Brilliant GIVEAWAY?! Save yourself some time – don’t browse, just click.

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