Hi there! My name is Janie and welcome to our inspiration blog where I share some charming style inspiration that inspire me and I hope will inspire you. I will also share some wanderlust journeys that I hope will inspire you to embark on some of your own. I say ‘our inspiration blog’ because it’s not just about me. I hope to share inspiration and style ideas with you, and hope that if there’s something you’d like to see, you’ll contact me!

First, let’s chat. I’m a frugal person. Nine times out of ten you’ll find me making a bee line for the clearance sales section. I love designer items, just as much as the next person, but I love them even more ,and will only purchase them, when they are on sale. Seeing those second set of numbers in red text or a sticker with a lower price on the price tag, now that’s my cup of tea. If the price is right even if it’s not on sale, then I’ll definitely consider, with multiple trips to the dressing room, and hoping the item up in the store window a few dozen times before saying yay or nay. So for the majority of my posts, both in the ‘fashion’ section and the ‘wed’ section, I will share affordable style ideas and items, and I’ll happily alert you if any of the items goes on sale or if there’s an item similar but less expensive! I’ll also share some surprising affordable wanderlust trips you can take and how to keep your credit card happy during the journey!

Don’t hesitate to drop a comment or question or ten, I would love to know what you think and what inspired you and what you’d like to see on the blog!

Thank you SO much for taking a peek at my blog!

Wanderfully Yours,


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Disclosure: Charming Wanderlust contains some affiliate links, particularly under the “Shop With Me” blog page. This means that if you click on certain links and images on this side, I may make a commission from that link and/or purchase. As always, I will only share things that I love and that are well, affordable!

All opinions in the blog are my own. There will be times that I will use outside images, again, specifically on the “Shop With Me” blog page, but I will always credit were the images sources.


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