July: Travels in Style and Comfort

One of the most important and biggest concerns I have when it comes to traveling is traveling in comfort, particularly in the summer. I have learned various ways of traveling comfortably, or rather, as comfortably as possible, on a plane, a coach bus and a train. However, I had, yet to figure out how to comfortably travel in a car for hours. Having a chronic pain illness makes traveling via any form of transportation, the worst – no exaggeration. Even more so in a car, you need to wear loose clothing, pack extra essentials to keep in the backseat and prepare for only being able to move around when at a rest stops. Even though the process is kind of difficult because you cannot predict how you will feel during your travels, I love putting together road trip attire because there are so many ways to upgrade from pajamas (which I fully condone!) and sweatpants (again, love!).

Photo above: Me trying to be fierce: fierce wanderer. Not achieving it but good attempt.

Some of the main elements I find that I always need, particularly when traveling in a car for hours: socks and a light jacket or shirt. So now I pick out my travel outfit! Here’s what I chose for my recent travels that was comfortable, warm yet cool, and a tad on the stylish side – broken up into 5 categories – button up; comfy loose graphic tees; sneaks; and of course, comfy socks and shades! Enabler Alert:

All tops linked below are on sale right now!

Button Up: All under $16

Graphic Tees: All under $8

Sneakers/Sneaks: I’ve become obsessed with white, grey and black sneakers lately. Even gold! These are all between $20 and $50!

Happy Socks: If you love socks as much as I do, having fun socks can make the trip even better!

Shades: I am only sharing sunglasses under $14 that are on sale

If you’re looking to quickly grab an outfit from the favorites above, I picked items that could be styled together! Don’t focus on the size of the clothes, focus on the comfort. My graphic tee shirt, which is from the Harry Potter section of Primark, is a Medium/Large, and my patch work button up from H&M is a size 08.

Hope this helps you find more style options for any upcoming travels!

PS: Once sold out, I will add other button ups and graphic tees to the “Shop My Fashion Favorites” page on the blog! Always have to keep you up to date on sales, right?!

Wanderfully Yours,



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