Wanderlust Guide: Hotel Hive, DC Experience – Part Two

I am excited to share my second experience at Hotel Hive this winter. After my first stay, I knew I would be back soon. The theme of the hotel is minimal, comfortable and trendy. The idea of staying in a ‘hive’ is pretty awesome in my opinion. I have already raved about Hotel Hive in my first experience wander post. Now, I am going to share a few new experience I had wandering in and staying in the Hive.

Side note: I did not realize how close Georgetown Cupcake was to the hotel! The last time I stayed at the Hive, Washington DC was not my final stop. This time, I stayed in DC and thought it would be a journey to get there; clearly I thought wrong! This was essential to my staying in experience.

One of my favorite wanderlust experiences was just exploring the Hotel itself. The last time I stayed, I did not spend nearly as much time in the Hive. Freezing my bum outside was not on the agenda, unless necessary. I explored the Hive Bar, eating pizza and drinking tea by the fireplace. I’m a sucker for a fireplace, and stayed there for hours. I’m not mad about it. I highly recommend just taking a morning or afternoon to explore the Hive. Order a pizza (they have breakfast pizzas too!) in the Hive Bar, ask the bartender for a hot cider and just chill. The rooftop is closed when it’s below freezing, but during the winter they have electric heaters up there for those who are brave enough. Grab a whiskey tea and try to stay warm. Pick that option, and know that I will not be joining you.

“Work hard. Travel harder.” Although I did some work while there, my stay at Hotel Hive was still vacation. Comfy bed, loads of pizza, beverages (possibly some alcoholic ones), and sleeping in. In the end, I was more than happy and didn’t want to leave.


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