First Date: Me-Myself-and-I

Well beauties, the Feeling Fancy Friday series continues with my first ever date with me-myself-and-i experience. I’d never gone to a cafe or restaurant, ordered food and drinks and sat at a table for one before. Unfortunately, due to the unexpected cold weather due to sweep in, I had to move up my date and go out on a whim after work Friday night. I opted to go to By Chloe in Fenway, Boston for the second time, alone, and honestly really enjoyed it! I ate dessert first. It was my date, so I could eat in whichever order I wanted. I had been to By Chloe one time before and ordered a Smashed Avocado Toast. I’ll be sharing the foodie part in a separate post. I like to try new foods at places I’ve already been to. I mean, why not?!

Food aside, I realized how important and good it felt to take myself out on a date. It wasn’t a sit down and order type of restaurant, rather the reverse, but it still counts! I got dressed fancy-like, picked myself up, ordered some wine, got a table for one and even paid the check. Crazy!

All-in-all, I was quite an awesome date. I picked myself up, picked up the check and kept myself entertained, mostly by people watching. Next time around, I hope to go out to a different restaurant, a little more pre-planned and on a warmer day. I have many ideas for dates, especially when the weather is warmer. I cannot wait to feel fancy and take myself out on more dates!



    • Janie Marsan April 26, 2018 / 2:47 pm

      Oh hey cutie! You’re always the sweetest! I highly recommend me-myself-and-i date nights. Could probably shorten the name of that, haha! Oh, no worries – I don’t feel guilty at all, I’m just excited to be able to eat dairy free foods that are actually delicious! I got 2 cinnamon chocolate chip cookies – the size of my head and a raspberry filled cupcake. DELICIOUSNESS!

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