Fall Pumpkin Picking in New England

Looking for the pumpkin that will turn into a chariot and grab some dinner and wine for me so I can stay home in my comfies and watch some good Fall Hallmark movies. Unfortunately, I’m not a Disney Cinderella with Whitney Houston as my Fairy Godmother…if only. As such, I’ll just find a decent pumpkin or two, use one for pumpkin soup (courtesy of my mother) and the other as decor. Even with all of this, Fall is still my favorite season!

Along with apple picking, pumpkin picking has become a [new] tradition that I forced my mom to take on with me. Apparently really cold Sundays are the best days to go either apple picking or pumpkin picking, or BOTH!

Why, you ask? Because it was basically deserted and that meant I could wander around looking for the ‘right’ pumpkins. The cold factor must be mentioned, because I was initially wearing a winter coat, which worked at the beginning of the day of wandering. However, it stopped working later on and after shedding some layers, I went into the pumpkin patch!

I take my pumpkin search very seriously….not really, but I did have fun people watching and realizing everyone has their specific preferences of pumpkins, depending on what they plan to do with it.

Different uses for pumpkins I’ve learned are:

pumpkin puree for soup or desserts – standard deliciousness

carving a pumpkin for decoration – standard Halloween decor

making a pumpkin planter – who knew?!

baking the pumpkin seeds – my mom did this, haven’t tried them

pumpkin cocktail – not sure how I feel about that…

pumpkin serving bowls – again, who knew?!

pumpkin butter – IΒ repeat the above…

pumpkin hummus – please see the above…has anyone tried this?

pumpkin beer – no words for this

pumpkin face mask – no comments…

I have only attempted to carve a pumpkin once, and my partner took over the process, so I didn’t actually do much. Maybe next year I will search for a carvable [not a word] pumpkin in the patch.

Have you gone pumpkin picking this Fall? Since Halloween has passed, what are your plans for your left over pumpkins?



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