Fall Apple Picking in New England

Fall apple picking has become a new tradition for me. I don’t recall ever going as a child. When I moved back to the New England area last year, I was determined to take advantage of the beautiful home I was [back] in. I hadn’t realized how important getting to know my home – the physical place – was to me, as I’ve always been able to make a home anywhere I was. I’ve always been extremely close to mom, so creating fun memories with her is always at the top of my list. Also, delicious apples(?!) – I vote YES!Used an apple picker for the first time! Failed miserably but A for effort. Luckily mom got the hang of it and grabbed the apples because they were ALL at the top of the trees. Which is unfortunate for the shorties – aka my mom and I.

We went apple picking late this year, in October, on the last day the farm was accepting apple pickers. If you’re in the North Shore area next Fall, I HIGHLY recommend Brooksby Farm. I absolutely love this farm, and how friendly they are. They are one of the very few farms that you only pay for the bag for apples. You do not pay a separate admissions fee. I had not realized that other farms had double fees. For the price we paid and the amount of apples we got, it was definitely worth it.

The intention every time I go apple picking is to grab some apples for snacks and grab some apples to make desserts. Well, that didn’t happen last year, and it didn’t happen this year. I kept snacking on those apples like nobodies business, because they’re the best, and in the end, looked down at an empty bag of apples and none to make desserts with.

This is what happens when my mom and I have too much fun taking photos and eating delicious apples. Seriously though, I cannot recommend apple picking enough. It’s not only an open space to run around and have fun with your family and friends, great for photos (of course), delicious and also therapeutic. Sometimes you need to just go out, enjoy the outdoors and fresh air, and have fun for a day.

Not only can you go apple picking, you can also stop by the shop to grab some apple donuts. Those are KEY! The first time I got them, they were right out of the oven – yum yum. This time they were already bagged. So I pop them in the toaster oven for a little bit and eat them for breakfast and as a snack.Β 


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