Cyber Monday Sales: Wanderlust Travel Essentials

I won’t ramble in this post, because talking about wanderlust essentials brings out the rambler in me. Yes that is possible. For all of you wanderlust lovers, I had to share some travel essentials currently on sale for Cyber Monday. Some of these items I already have or plan to purchase, or have been admiring from afar – one can only spend so much, right?

Let’s start with the largest and most significant items, suitcases/luggages. I’ve managed to hold onto one luggage set through all of my wandering from the last 8 years. Unfortunately, that poor guy had to say goodbye and I wanted to find another reliable buddy for my travels. I have always been an admirer of Samsonite. From my recent adventures, I borrowed my cousins white Samsonite spinner suitcase and was very reluctant to give it back. This weekend was the perfect time to purchase a set. I got two piece hardcase luggage set from Amazon for under $130. Even better, many online shops are having closeout sales featuring Samsonite and other top brand name luggage sets.

Now onto the smaller items. For all you beauties who need little pick me ups before travel, especially if you are dealing with jetlag, essentials oils are your best friends. I always carry these with me whenever I travel, even on the train to work – motion is not my friend. Essential oils are in almost all beauty products now, making it easier for you to get your hands on. Here are a few essential oils for Cold & Flu, Detox & Cleanse and Mood Booster.

Travel beauty essentials that come in kits are too easy to pass up. Now these are not makeup related, but you can easily make travel makeup kits. The ones I am sharing are cleansers, refreshers and masks to help revive you after long days of wandering and no sleep.


I believe that women need cocktail kits just as much as men do, so why not bring a kit or two on your travels. Don’t act like you haven’t thought about it. Sharing a few that are currently on sale, and make it even more tempting to slide a few in your luggage.

You can’t travel without a few tech items, apart from your camera, phone and any other device of your choosing. You also can’t travel without a good pair of headphones and a back up pair. Throwing in a few other items. I recently discovered mini hair straighteners and absolutely love them. They are great for beauties with short hair or bangs, but also just easy to travel with. In addition to this, if you’re afraid of overpacking on your way back home, especially if you are flying, I highly recommend buying a portable luggage scale. These can alleviate the stress of waiting until you get to the airport to find out your bag is overweight by 3 pounds, or playing a guessing game after you’ve packed. Charm can only work so much to let your heavy bag slide by.

Now let’s find a place to organize all of these little kits and essentials, into some travel bags. All on sale of course, and perfect for those who like to organize and separate their essentials, like me. It is also an excuse to pack more and have more bags, but I won’t be too much of an enabler on that part. I had to include my favorite travel hanging kit that once you have one, you can’t go without.

Last but not least, I had to share a recent favorite of mine. Traveling for work and being able to work from home having a bag that can carry your work laptop and paperwork is a must. Sometimes a tote is too much for one shoulder. Sometimes it is hard finding the right backpack with with enough support. After much research and admiring this brand from afar, I found a Herschel Supply Co backpack on Nordstrom more than 50% off and I couldn’t pass that up! They are currently sold out of this bag now, but I found others that may interest you. Herschel backpacks are great for everyday use but also for those who like to travel light.

That’s it for tonights travel essentials from Cyber Monday sales. I hope a few items caught your eye, and if there’s something you think I need to add to the list, please share in the comments. This is not an expert list, but a list of just a few items for wanderers/wanderlust lovers. Not all of the items I pack were on sale, but maybe that would be a great second post! Clearly my promise to not ramble was unsuccessfully, but you knew better when you decided to read this post.

Wanderfully Yours,



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