Easy Cozy Sweater Weather with Loft

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Is it snowing where you are? If so, you’re lucky! No snow on Christmas brought a frown to my face. Still no snow and no sign of snow ahead, so I’ll continue enjoying this holiday break and surprising cozy #sweaterweather. Really, the title of this blog should be ‘Cozy Sweater Weather Everyday‘ because 9 times out of 10 you will find me in an oversized sweater of some kind. Being on holiday break and with the weather ranging between the 40s and mid-60s calls for cozy sweater weather all day everyday, don’t you agree?!

We all have our favorite comfy clothing options. I don’t mean just to lounge at home, but also comfy casual to go out to for a chill day or to do some work in a coffee shop drinking Teavana tea (yes!). My favorite options involve leggings, a soft tee and a soft oversized sweater. That’s pretty much been my go to outfit while on break (and almost every other day) and it’s perfect as a post holiday outfit after getting your fill [or over your fill] of Christmas dinner, post dinner, second and third dinner, and Christmas sweets [never-ending!] the best clothing option is one that allows you to ‘breathe‘ *wink wink*. This doesn’t mean you have to get a oversized sweater two sizes too big; I suggest getting one that does allow you to breathe but does have a form fitting fit (if that’s a phrase…) — finding the right sweater that fits you and your body comfortably.

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A little personal truth: oversized sweaters are like my comfort food. Having a rough day, not feeling well, feeling homesick or just need a little comfort…SWEATERS (and sweatpants)! They were my go to attire while away from home from college, living abroad, traveling. I always had one or ten with me and they are a must for any and all occasion. They made me feel a little less homesick and a little more at home wherever I was.

I can’t rave enough about finding sweaters, clothes in general, that are:

  1. Comfortable (comfort and joy!)
  2. ‘Form Fitting Fit’ (I’m going to keep using that phrase)
  3. Lounge Worthy that you either sigh in comfort from its softness or yawn because it makes you want to take a nap. Either is a win to me and something to achieve!

Dress it up, dress it down, whichever makes you happy. As long as at the end of the day your smiling in comfort, and also because it’s an outfit that lets you eat more sweets….I’ll refrain from winking this time.

What are your go-to comfort clothes?

xoxo, Janie


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