Blushing Birthday with Balloons!

Happy Birthday Week!

It’s my birthday week and I saved these photos to share because who doesn’t love a room filled with pink balloons?!

I don’t celebrate my birthday often. I had originally planned to make a deal out of it and travel somewhere, but changed my mind. Then I reminded myself that it’s a new year and it’s what you make of it. So at the last minute I booked bus tickets and a hotel, grabbed my travel buddy and went off to Portland, Maine for two days. I’ll share my many wanders throughout the town in another post.

I wanted to say, thank you for the many birthday wishes, beauties! They mean a great deal and I hope this post inspires you to celebrate every birthday with gusto and lots of balloons and donuts.

Thank you to my new and beautiful friend, Carolyn. We waged war with the balloons and had fun at the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) Play Time exhibit.


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