5 Personal Reminders on A Wintery Fall Thursday

So with today’s wintery fall weather, I changed the post I originally scheduled to share 5 quick personal reminders, to keep you warm on this windy ice cold day.

Days and nights like these make you wish you didn’t leave home. BUT it gives you a great excuse to either call out and take a personal day (I’m always an advocate for time off) or prepare to have a cozy night in with yourself or your partner in crime, a good movie or tv series and baked goods, always baked goods.

It’s the little things that make the cold days warm. Sometimes I need a reminder, so I thought I’d share my ‘little’ things:

• Making my mom laugh. Hands down, is the highlight of my days.

• Checking in on best friends with a simple ‘hello’ or ‘heart’ emoji to let them know that you’re there. But also reminder myself I have them and they’re not going anywhere.

• Turning off technology, drink a cup of tea and shut the outside world out. Even if for a moment.

• Putting on my fuzzy leopard print footie pajamas, eating cookies while watching movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hallmark Channel.

• Just breathe. Just be you.

Photography by Dave Mentzer

Sometimes I forget, even if it’s for a split moment, that I’m lucky to have these warm thoughts. Knowing that you’re not alone with your depression, your anxiety, your chronic pain, and your loneliness can make all the difference. You’re not alone. I suffer daily. I felt alone for so long and then I realized I couldn’t keep forgetting that I’m not. Having one person is a blessing, having a village is a gift. I drew my tattoo of a ornate tree with deep roots. You make your own roots.

Don’t do it alone.

Thank you for being part of my village.

Photography by Dave Mentzer

Thank you Kym for inspiring me. ♥️


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