10 Day Beach Trip Packing List

The countdown for our trip to West Palm Beach started the moment we booked our plane tickets. I’ll be honest though, this has been an absolutely chaotic time and we nearly forgot we were going to Florida until last Sunday. Now, it’s time to pack enough breezy clothes and make sure I have enough dairy free (vegan) – gluten free snacks [this will be a separate post]. With how crazy Mother Nature has been, I am packing for sunshine (humidity) and rain.

Many of you have already read about my love of Samsonite luggage sets. However, there aren’t many currently on sale, as a set, so I thought I’d share the most important item in packing and on sale! I highly recommend the spinner suitcases and getting them as a set. This makes your wanderings so much easier! Pushing your suitcase is a lot easier than pulling your suitcase. Rather than hurting your shoulder, you can walk it like a bag with a leash. [I just thought of that but it’s kind of true.]

Although I am packing a select few shorts and two overalls, I am not about that pant life unless I absolutely have to. Just in case pants are a no-no, I am packing a variety of maxi dresses, maxi skirts and sundresses. Many say this is the worst time to buy summer clothes because they’ll all be full price. Those people haven’t explore the right stores at the right time. The majority of my beach clothes are courtesy of major sales and a whole lotta patience.

Sandals, sandals, sandals. Finding comfortable yet fashionable sandals is difficult! I managed to find a few great pairs scouring the internet at 11:00pm, texting friends for opinions [clearly they love me as they responded] and ordering them for pick up or delivery well in advance. My top brands this summer have been Michael Kors, Sam Edelman, Franco Sarto and Dolce Vita. I personally prefer to get good quality shoes that will last more than one summer.

Now onto the kicks. You know I love me a good pair of Converse and Keds. Well the Keds made the cut and are my companions for the beach venture. There are quite a few on sale and Keds has been putting a number of fun kicks on sale every few weeks, so I highly recommend checking it out. I bought my embroidered Keds x Rifle Paper Co kicks for under $20! Sharing a few Keds that are on sale starting at $15, which an extra 20% off!

Last but not least, I have to share the primary piece a I will be packing and wearing for this trip, swimwear and accessories [aka hats].Β I look a stylish suit, but I’m not about to pay a hundred dollars for one right now. Lady’s got student loans. However, ASOS knows how to get you when it comes to stylist, affordable and fast delivery. I also decided to explore Victoria’s Secrets swimwear as I’ve never shopped that section and found one on sale for under $25 and LOVE it. It is completely sold out but here are a few I hope you love, both the suit and the price.

I am new to the hat trend and wasn’t really sure that I wanted to hop on that train. However, I’ve been admiring my beautiful friend, Crystal, the content creator for Obsessions Now, and she is KILLING it in every hat she wears. So, surprising while dropping an amount I will not disclose on the Bath and Body Works big sale, they had a floppy beach hat for 70% off. I ended up paying about $7 for it, so why not! I also got a stylish hat for city wanders from Primark for under $6. I feel like these hats were calling me name. So I thought I’d share a few beach and ‘city’ hats for you to see which one tickles your fancy. I say try them all! You never know what’ll work for you unless you try. This also applies to my love of kimonos. I have a not so slight obsession with them and Francesca’s knows how to feed that addiction. I’m going to leave the kimono description at this, otherwise I will write an entire post inside of this one just about kimonos: how amazing they are, how you need to get them and how they can make the simplest of outfits even more chic.

That’s all there is beauties! This isn’t EVERYTHING I packed because that would make this post even longer.

Now I’m not a beauty guru, but I have been exploring different beach/summer skincare products. Would you be interested in reading a post about what’s in my bag and the products I will be trying on this trip? Also, let me know your essential beach venture items!

Wanderfully Yours,



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